On October 2, 1928, the McSwain Funeral Home was established with Lucius Lee McSwain purchasing the complete stock and equipment of the Welborn-Walker Company on Caldwell Street in Newberry, SC.
Mr. McSwain, a former banker, with the assistance of Mr. Dean R. Crews, a licensed embalmer and experienced funeral director, and other capable employees, endeavored to provide Newberry County and surrounding areas with quality funeral service. After a successful beginning, the firm made its first and only move to the present location at 1724 Main Street, known as the old Ramage property, on February 15, 1929.


From the earliest beginning, the McSwain Funeral Home has been committed to the highest standards of service to the people of this area. These standards were upheld by the caring and capable leadership of Lee McSwain and his staff. Modern facilities and new motor vehicles were points of pride and service for the firm. Another service offered was free ambulance service.

After the death of Mr. McSwain on November 13, 1937. his widow, Mrs. Agnes Adams McSwain, continued to operate the business with the same standards as set forth by her late husband. Assisting her was Mr. W. H. Burney, who was an embalmer and funeral director, and other qualified employees. Later, Mrs. McSwain married Mr. Haskell N. Wallace, who assisted in the operation. The management was passed along to Mr. Wallace as his wife experienced a decline in health and subsequently died in 1981.


Longtime employee, Gene Evans, and his wife, Grace, purchased the funeral home in 1982. Gene was a 1956 Graduate of the Cincinnati College of Embalming and had been employed by the McSwain Funeral Home since 1957. He served on the South Carolina State Board of Funeral Service (1986-1991), and was its president from 1990-1991. Gene died on August 24, 1996. Following his death the firm was managed by his wife, Grace, until her death on May 21, 2009.  Mangement of the firm has now passed to their son, Greg.

Over the years many advances have been made at the firm now known as McSwain-Evans Funeral Home. The historic home has been renovated, a parking lot has been added, and an adjacent building converted to offices and selection rooms. In 1990 a formal chapel was built to better serve our community. A modern fleet of funeral vehicles is maintained to provide the finest transportation for those in need. Proper facilities, equipment, and a sincere desire to bring comfort to the bereaved allow the firm to maintain its fine reputation.

The owners, management, and staff seek today to provide the best possible funeral service available to the people of Newberry and surrounding areas. Through the years to come the McSwain-Evans Funeral Home will ever work toward upholding the high traditions of the                                                                                              past, with the one desire to better the service In the future.

1724 Main Street, Newberry, SC 29108 - 803.276.0610