Susan Delaney

Susan Levalley Delaney, 64, of Newberry, died Friday, December 30, 2011, at Newberry County Memorial Hospital.

Born on September 29, 1947, in Red Bank, NJ, she was the daughter of the late William Edward and Virginia Martin Levalley.

She is survived by daughters, Elizabeth Vasser of Summerville and Leigh Berry of Oak Ridge, TN and three grandchildren.

In lieu of flowers her family would like for friends to plant a flower in her honor.

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#17 Stanton Lester 2012-01-18 01:30
I am so sorry Leigh and Liz. I love you both. My prayers are with you during this very tough time. I will surely miss Aunt Susan. I loved her like my second Mom. I will cherish all the memories in my heart forever.
#16 Patti Minick Dominic 2012-01-05 16:44
I am so sorry to hear of Susan death. I have known her for many year. Her parents were very dear to me growing up. I wish I had known she was back in Newberry. Love and prayers to the family.
#15 Sarah Smith 2012-01-04 11:11
I enjoyed being around Susan and I know that she will be missed by many people. My thoughts are with her family in their time of grief. My hope is that they cherish the memories which will get sweeter as time goes on.
#14 Lindsay Thornley 2012-01-04 09:30
Liz and Leigh I pray that god will comfort you in this hard time. I enjoyed talking with your mom and learning about her love for plants. Our family sends love to yours and if you need anything, please let us know. Love yall!
#13 Mike Epps 2012-01-04 00:13
Susan was a good friend growing up when we were in school. We will miss her. I am glad she and Judy stopped by for a visit a few weeks ago so we could catch up on old times.
#12 June Force 2012-01-03 19:49
I am so sorry for you loss. We are old time friends of Bill and Virginia and loved Susan too./ I wish I could tell you all the good times we had together back in the days. Susan was so special and wish I had kept in closer touch. Love and blessing from God to the family
#11 Lora Duncan Nickell 2012-01-03 18:50
Susie was my closest friend in the early 80's. I have wonderful memories of hanging out with her and the girls at their home in Oak Ridge, TN. Liz and Leigh were so much fun! I can't believe she is gone and wish I'd had a chance to talk with her one more time. Susie also was there when I met my now husband, while we dated we spent many fun nights at her home. My prayers to the girls and her family.
#10 Elise Brand 2012-01-03 17:52
Dear Elizabeth and Leigh, My sympathies to both of you. I am shocked and saddened. I loved her dearly as my cousin and we had so much fun as kids in the 1950'and 1960's when she came to NJ or we went to Newberry. My mother and your grandfather Bill were brother and sister. Much love and hugs from your family in Connecticut.
#9 Judy Ashcraft 2012-01-03 17:47
My best friend in this world has gone Home.I am lost without her-but I know in my heart that we will meet again!
#8 Marilyn Leopard 2012-01-03 14:53
My very dear and best friend my entire life. All my love to Leigh, Liz and Gwen. Please contact me through my daughter, Sabrina's email. (
#7 Elizabeth Vassar 2012-01-03 08:12
Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. This is a very hard time for my sister and myself, not to mention for her countless friends. She loved each and every one of you with all of her heart.
#6 Merle Singleton Reyn 2012-01-02 21:46
My thoughts and prayers are with Susan's family.
#5 Betsy Black 2012-01-02 18:00
So sorry to hear of Susan's passing. I remember her and her mom very well. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.
#4 Debbie Turner 2012-01-02 12:27
Susan will be missed by many people. She was such a joy for Mrs. Bain (and Judy too). My prayers are with her daughters and other 'family' members.
#3 Janice Meeks 2012-01-01 18:36
I am so sad to hear about Susan. I knew her as a teenager and she was truly a special person. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with your family.
#2 Margaret Long 2012-01-01 18:11
So sorry to hear of Susan's death. It was so nice to have her back in Newberry. Thoughts and prayers to her family. We went to Newberry High School together.

Heber and Margaret (Wherry) Long
#1 Susan Ward Smith 2011-12-30 23:36
I am in Shock! So sorry. Susan was a very special person and will surely be missed by many. We were all so happy to have her back home. Love and prayers to her family and friends.

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